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Clinic Appointments

If you are about to attend St John of God Eye Clinic for the first time or if you have not attended for a while and your contact details or medical information have changed then please fill in our on-line form ahead of your appointment.

Visits to the Eye Specialist often take longer than visits to other doctors. Thorough examinations usually require assessments that are performed in multiple stages. Especially in the Vitreo-Retinal subspecialty field of Ophthalmology, many tests are typically performed in a series of rooms, both prior to and after each patient’s pupils are dilated with eye drops. The time that this can be expected to take is affected by a wide variety of factors and it is best to call us if you require an estimate for a particular appointment.

Since you can expect to have your pupils dilated with eye drops that take a few hours to wear off, we have to recommend against you driving yourself to and (more particularly) from your eye appointment. The eye drops that we use to dilate your pupils may continue to blur your vision for 2-4 hours after the end of the appointment and you should avoid driving during this period. See here for transport and parking options.

Undergoing Surgery

If you are about to be admitted to hospital to undergo eye surgery, please remember that you will need to have fasted (nothing to eat or drink) for at least 8 hours prior to your procedure. Otherwise, your anaesthetist may have to defer or cancel your procedure.

Surgical Facilities

St John of God Hospital, Subiaco
Perth Eye Hospital
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital