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St John of God Eye Clinic is located within Suite 206 of the Subiaco Clinic building at 25 McCourt Street (corner of Cambridge Street), Subiaco, Western Australia. The Subiaco Clinic is comprised of two floors of consulting rooms for medical specialists and has its own underground car park, pharmacy, operating facilities, and Conference Centre. The Subiaco Clinic forms the north-east wing of St John of God Hospital in Subiaco and is located 3.3km west of the centre of Perth’s CBD.

Ophthalmology has become a highly sophisticated field of medicine in modern times and the experience and expertise of Dr McKnight and Dr Kennedy places them at the forefront of their discipline. Dr McKnight, Dr Kennedy and the staff at the St John of God Eye Clinic are dedicated to delivering excellent patient care and obtaining successful treatment outcomes for patients who are experiencing sight-threatening conditions. St John of God Eye Clinic is very well provisioned with the latest in equipment to provide the best possible standard of care.

Our Practice Aims

  • To provide medical care of the highest quality in a courteous and caring manner.
  • To achieve excellent outcomes through the effective application of knowledge, experience and surgical skill
  • To provide immediate care for patients with urgent, sight-threatening problems.
  • To provide patients with the benefits of sophisticated diagnostic and therapeutic technologies that may not be widely available elsewhere.

St John of God Eye Clinic is a subspecialty ophthalmology clinic with a focus on cataract surgery, retinal conditions, lid & oculoplastic surgery and pterygium surgery.  We are involved in secondary and tertiary care and we are not a primary care facility. This means that we see patients who have been seen initially by their optometrist, GP or medical specialist, or else have seen by another medical eye specialist (ophthalmologist). With the exception of emergency cases of sudden loss of sight and occasional overseas visitors, all of our patients should obtain a referral to us from their doctor or optometrist.

Adeptly assisted by a team of experienced, caring and well-trained staff members who proficiently operate a wide range of diagnostic equipment, Dr McKnight and Dr Kennedy are able to perform detailed eye assessments in order to determine and deliver the best possible treatments. We are able to provide our patients with an extensive range of tests, including tonometry, automated perimetry (visual field testing), OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), digital fundus photography, fluorescein and ICG digital angiography, wide-field Optos angiography, optical biometry and ultrasonography. With this range of testing available on site within the clinic, St John of God Eye Clinic is able to streamline the diagnostic process for patients and, in many cases, this enables us to deliver treatment on the same day as the diagnostic assessment.

At St John of God Eye Clinic, many treatments are also conveniently provided within the clinic itself. Such treatments include retinal laser (with both Slit Lamp and Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscopy delivery systems), regular YAG laser, special YAG laser for floaters (YAG laser vitreolysis), SLT Laser, photodynamic therapy and intravitreal drug therapy (eye injections). Dr McKnight and Dr Kennedy also perform a wide range of surgical treatments that require admission to hospital, either as day-case surgery or involving an overnight hospital stay. For our patients who require admission to hospital for an overnight stay, Dr McKnight, Dr Kennedy and their caring secretarial team will make arrangements for patients to be admitted to St John of God Hospital in Subiaco. For private day-case surgery, we utilize St John of God Hospital in Subiaco and Perth Eye Hospital in West Perth.  Dr McKnight also works at Sir Charles Gairdner and Royal Perth Hospitals and can facilitate public hospital admissions there.

Whether treatment is conducted in our rooms or in a hospital setting, our patients can be assured that our members of staff at St John of God Eye Clinic are here to guide patients through the process and are always keen to provide assistance. At St John of God Eye Clinic, we are always happy to offer information and post-treatment assistance and support to our patients via telephone and email in addition to standard follow-up appointments in our clinic.